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Affordable, High-quality, and Innovative

RedSaint Modifications

A wide variety of models, characters, and designs that are budget-friendly for your gaming experience.

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Why choose RedSaint?

My name is RedSaint, and I'm the owner of RedSaint Modifications. In late 2019, I started RedSaint Modifications as a way to get-back at the modelers who overcharged and provided subpar vehicles.

Quality Assurance

Frequent model updates to ensure model quality. As always, free updates and support for your purchases

Attention to Detail

We ensure detailed models for the most realistic experience. All of our models are based on real-life

Game Optimization

Using game mechanics and model technology, we optimize our products for the best gaming experience

Support Center

We provide quality service to our customers, answering any questions that our clients have


Using ever changing technology and following industry stadards, we make innovative products

Community Base

With a strong community backing, our community is one of the best in the industry

On The Fence?

We understand that buying products is a big decision, especially without kicking the tires first. Because we believe in looking before buying, you can take a look at our products in our test server.