2024 Eagle Sedans Out Now!

About Us

Hello! My name is RedSaint and I'm the owner of RedSaint Modifications. In late 2019, I started RedSaint Modifications as a way to get-back at the modelers who overcharged and provided subpar vehicles. This is where my mission to create the highest quality and best priced models around comes from. Here at RedSaint Modifications, you find things other modelers don't offer. Things that are better, and by far, more American. I make anything from police vehicles to public service vehicles to fire vehicles. Anything someone might want, I make. Come look around at my listings, maybe buy a few. Join a community of elite customers today.

On The Fence?

We understand that buying products is a big decision, especially without kicking the tires first. Because we believe in looking before buying, you can take a look at our products in our test server.