2024 Valor Pack Released!

2018 Motorcycle - 2023 Federal Mega Pack

  • Optimized With Proper LODs
  • Attention To Detail
  • Complete Lighting Template
  • RB & BB Variants
  • Realistic Equipment
  • Fully Templated & Multi Livery Support
  • Reaistic Lighting
  • Tons Of Customization Options Via Modkits & Extras
  • Openable Trunk Compartment
  • Extra 1 - Closed Rear Cargo Compartment
  • Extra 2 - Open Rear Cargo Compartment
  • Extra 3 - Rear Cargo Compartment Brake Light
  • Extra 4 - Rear Baton & Flashlight
  • Extra 5 - Rear Wobbly Antennas

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